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Name:Your Daily Dose of Pierce Brosnan
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to pierce_daily, a Pierce Brosnan picture community.

Rules modeled after those of bean_daily, the place to go for your daily dose of the delicious Sean Bean.

Please feel free to join up and post pics of Pierce.

The Rules:

  1. No hotlinking.

    Hotlinking is when your image tag leads to a site other than your own. Doing this eats up the other person's bandwith, and so we ask that you get yourself a picture hosting account. If you have a geocities account, their hotlink protection can easily be overridden by changing the extension from .jpg to .txt and then using the same image tag you always would.

  2. Posts must contain a pic of Pierce Brosnan.

    ADDENDUM: 7-28-04:

    2a. Posts may be simply a copy and pasting of news articles that pertain in some major way to Pierce. Such posts do not require a picture.

    2b. For the sanity of the mod, do not ever post a picture to make a post "legal". If you need that, think long and hard about why you're posting what you are in the first place. We're a picture community filled with Pierce fangirls. If you're also a Pierce fan, by all means show off your favourite pictures. But you should never need to make a post legal.

    2c. The mod reserves the right to amend these rules at any time and even break them at will.

  3. Please be considerate of other people's bandwiths, connection speeds, and friends pages. If your pic is larger that 500x500 pixels, please use the lj-cut tag: <lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here">.

  4. When possible, try to state the website where you got the picture from. If it is one of your own scans or caps, and you don't want people using it without your permission, by all means say so.

  5. Icons, wall papers, manips, and group shots are all fine. Speculation into Pierce's private life is not fine. We're a picture community, not a gossip one.

  6. That said, we're a slash-friendly community. That means that innuendo will be made, manips will be posted, and smutting may occur in the comments. Don't like it, don't look at it.

Otherwise, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Pierce goodies. :)

This group is moderated by lannamichaels. In case of a flame war or a post that you think might not belong, a comment to one of my posts can usually reach me as fast as e-mail.

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